▽ What are pakku gohan?

What are pakku gohan?
Delicious and Easy to Make!
If you use pakku gohan, you'll have a more wonderful “Rice Life”!
It's sure to go well with whatever side dishes you're having for dinner tonight!
Just simply pop this pakku gohan in the microwave!
Enjoy your life with rice.

What are pakku gohan?

There are two types of pakku gohan. The first is where the rice is put into an airtight container, cooked and then put in sterilized packaging. The second is where the rice is cooked first, then put in airtight container and sterilized packaging and then pressure and heat sterilized.
Rice in sterilized packaging is known as sterilized pakku gohan, and pressure and heat sterilized pakku gohan are known as retort pouch rice.
In recent years, pakku gohan have become known in the mainstream for their great taste. Retort Pouch rice is used as emergency rations, as it has a long shelf-life, as well as a preserved food and in the outdoors. Most pakku gohan are of white rice. As you can easily cook it in the microwave, it's also known as microwavable rice.

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▽ What is pakku gohan?

About the Association's unified “Please Heat” symbol for pakku gohan

In recent years, aseptically pakku gohan leads the pakku gohan market. The market has grown to over 500 million packages a year.

Aiming for continuing and improving the product's taste, the Zenkoku Hoso Beihan Kyokai has created a standardized“Please Heat”symbol to indicate recommendation and this symbol is going to be displayed on aseptically pakku gohan products, following the association's display guidelines.

*The “Please Heat” symbol is a registered trademark of Zenkoku Hoso Beihan Kyokai.


▽ Recipe

Quick and Balanced Breakfasts

Quick and easy Italian food using canned food stock

Tomato Risotto

Cooking time

4 minutes

● Ingredients (1 person's portion)
1 package (200 g)
pakku gohan
1 (around 40 g) Cabbage leaf
1 can (285 g) Canned diced tomatoes
1 can (80 g) Canned tuna
1/2 tsp. Consommé Granules
A drop of olive oil, and a sprinkling of grated Parmesan

● Method
  • (1) Put the rice, cabbage torn into easy-to-eat pieces, canned tomato with liquid, tuna, and consommé granules in a heat-proof bowl, and mix them.
  • (2) Wrap and heat in the microwave for three minutes.
  • (3) Put it on a plate and sprinkle olive oil and Parmesan on top .

If using whole canned tomatoes, firmly crush with a fork in step (1).

Late-Night Snack

Easy on the stomach. A perfect treat for a late-night snack.

Spinach, Egg, and Rice Soup

Cooking time

4 minutes

● Ingredients (1 person's portion)
1/2 package (100g)
pakku gohan
150 ml Hot water
1 tbsp. Mentsuyu, noodle soup base (Straight, no dilute type)
1 bunch Spinach
1 Egg

● How to cook it
  • (1) Pour rice, hot water, noodle soup, and chopped spinach into a heat-resistant container, then pour egg mixture in a circular motion.
  • (2) Wrap the container and heat it in a microwave for 3 minutes.

Komatsuna or Mizuna can be substituted for spinach. You can eat vegetables a lot because the leaves become smaller after heating.

Easy on the Stomach

This wonderfully healthy dish is perfect for after drinking.

Mackerel soupy rice

Cooking time

4 minutes

● Ingredients (1 person's portion)
1/2 package (100g)
pakku gohan
50 g Canned mackerel in water
1 sachet Soup base
150ml-200ml Hot water
1tsp. Wasabi

● Method
  • (1) Heat rice in a microwave and put it in a bowl. Then, sprinkle the soup base and put the drained mackerel on top.
  • (2) Pour hot water evenly, and add wasabi on top.

If available, greens such as mitsuba, edible water dropwort, or daikon radish sprouts are recommended. These ingredients add flavor.